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Mike Tamás (1969)

Airbrush Artist

About the airbrush:
I have been painting with airbrush for more then 20 years. This is a special technique when the artist is using a small air-operated tool (spray gun) as a brush. The first airbrush, depending on the definition, was patented in 1876 and is still present in graphic design and painting as visual art form. To aquire the use of a spray gun takes substantial time and everyday practice for years and for this reason not many people capable to us it at high level. Airbrush can perfectly be used to create photorealistic paintings. I exclusively use airbrush on my paintings, never traditional brushes. As I am a qualified photographer with a degree I take all the photos used for my paintings.

Ars Poetica:
Tamás Mike is THE realistic man. Reality is all that I am interested in, that’s why I paint it. This is an incredibly interesting game where, through my hands, the colours form into a image: a painting that is perfectly realistic but it's not a photo. It's more than a photo - it's art. My challenge is to take a little piece of the world and to reproduce it by applying colours: to dream it on a canvas. I'm a realistic man, I paint photorealistic pictures and this is what makes me happy.


  • Wonder World of Airbrush exhibition, Rosmalen, winner (NL), 09. 04. 2017.
    Winner of Best foreign airbrush painter Award
  • 1. Festival Italiano di Aerografia - Absolute winner (IT), 18. 09. 2016.
    As the inly Hungarian participant I was the best at the first Italian Airbrush competition
  • MALÉV Painting of airplanes contest, 2. place 2010
    The task was to design graphics for an airplane
  • II. National Grotesque Exhibition (II. Országos Groteszk Kiállítás) – Special Award, 1993
    My photos got special awards
  • Printed commercial exhibition and competition (Reklámnyomtatvány kiállítás és verseny) – First prize, 1992
    I made graphics for toothpaste ’Signal’ and won the first prize.


  • Master Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, (HU), Photographer degree, 1991 - 93
  • Hungarian Academy of Arts, Budapest, (HU), Photo-Typography Department, Painting and Airbrushing, 1987-91
  • High School of Art at Pécs, (HU) draw, art, graphic design, 1983-87

Work experience

  • Freelancer Airbrush Artist, since 1991
  • Freelance Photographer, since 1993
  • Savaria Historical Carnival official photographer, 2002 - 2014
  • Renewed MÚOSZ membership, since 2000
  • Studio of Young Photographers membership, 1995-99
  • National association of Hungarian Artists (MAOE) membership, since 1995
  • Cash Flow Magazine photo reporter, 1991-2007

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